из шин для сада и огорода своими руками

Hands for Sada and Ogorod

Crafts For The Garden / January 28, 2023

Украшаем дачуLucky for someone who has a suburb where I can rest and work. But not in the midst of a living lucky. Let's just give the imagination and steal the gift so the heart can sing and be happy. In particular, substantial investment is not always required to dispense the countryside with its hands, as a manual material can be used.

In this article, I will share with you the idea of what can be done with my hands to give: decor, garden design elements. It's very interesting to do this with the kids. I think I'll start from the top, in my view, with the creation of original seals with my hands.

Non-conventional cloams with their hands from hand material

We'll make beauty of what we have. Remember in the song: " I blinded him from what happened and then - what I did, I fell in love " ) So, you and I are making some unusual flower blooms and cloams of hand-writing material and putting our favorite flowers there. I'm not going to go deeper into the technology of creating unusual clumbing (if only a little) - it's clearly presented in the pictures.

Cary Lebed

It's a beautiful swan to rest and stay. This small cloth is made of a normal car cover painted with white acrylic paint. Клумба-лебедь из автомобильной покрышкиA few more options for building a cloam with his hands from the car tyres: orange, bearded, yellow.

Clumba under tree

This great clumbium is made on the basis of the stone cloth, looks impressive and profitable. The figurine is almost deep into the ground and cemented with a cement solution. It's a beautiful clumba, but there's one flaw: there's only tenable plants to live, because you know, underneath a stun tree, they can't see the sun.

And there's a similar clumbing under a young lady made out of wooden stockings. Great idea! While a tree grows up, it's quite possible to plant beautiful single-year flowers under it.

Original use of plastic bottles

"Loves, flowers... - I thought a pragmatist. - You need to take care of them, clean them up, clean them up. And I'll build a clumbum with my hands. plastic bottles! I did. Why do I think that only a man can do that? This " souvenir " clumbing on the day. ♪ ♪ Каменная клумба под деревом

Indeed, plastic bottles cause a rich flight of fantasy from a Russian man. Well, please tell me, will the prospective Europeans come to arm under a tree like a mini swinopherm? And I like it, it looks so much fun, and little kids are gonna be happy with this cute, "potential fucker."


It's a miracle south for not being weak, but making it easy with your hands. There's a sawed tree here, one torch of which has turned into a nose with gloriously cut nostrils.

The eyes of the miracles are made of mosaic, which is not feared either by the knowledge or the wind; eyebrows and shurst are planted with low-grown, unspeakable years. It doesn't blend in bright beauty, but in originality, you won't deny it)

New life of old printer

The old printer got a second life on a bad place. That's a good idea, but growing up in such extreme circumstances can be very uncomfortable plants.


There's flowers sitting on the shop, this little mini-colour near the place for the holiday.

Клумба из пластиковых бутылокMuseum deals with their hands.

The colors and the clums are not everything that can create a ridiculous dame with its hands. Look how beautiful they look at the way things are done with their hands.

Mosaic abstraction

Nice mini-sculpture from the stone- glass pane, where white round cams and cuts are used as mosaics. It is true that this abstraction would be more appropriate against the background of the waterway: the pond or the stream, because it reminds the drawings of the sea king. You're expecting a mermaid out of improvised coffin.


A beautiful butterfly has come to rest in the shadow of a painted tree.

This was done on a plywood basis, displayed in coloured diapers in the form of a rainbow wing. The steak is planted on a dense paint, and the top is covered with uncoloured acryl foot. On the other hand, plywood was treated with olifa and painted with water resistant and freezer paint. The oysters are made of a copper wire, the tel is from a steel ribbon, and the eyes are from black stones.


A very interesting construction is the rest bench, which is low with the mosaic plate, the seat is made from the bone of the cut board, and the top is decorated by a low body with the sideboards, which are also mosaic.

The mosaic slurry system is similar to that of the café: the mosaic fragments are based on a certain decoration and are secured to a cement solution. From a distance, such an arrangement looks like an eastern shuttle, especially when flowers are spread on the cloth.

Bordur for the rig

There's a lucky man with his hands making a team with a bordührer planted by a mosaic. A long lane of fat rubber laid in a pre-exploited, non-deep tranche is used as a basis.
Цветник - свиноферма) Чудо-юдо Цветник из печатной машинки Цветы на лавочке

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