Весенние поделки для детского сада своими руками. Поделка в сад на

Hands for Children

Crafts For The Garden / July 29, 2023

Бумажный парашютист: поделка на 9 мая своими руками в детском садуHow to make a postcard on 9 May in phases

Do you think a deal to do in a kindergarten by 9 May? We suggest you make a paper parachutelist. The deal is simple and original, your babies will be thrilled.

Delivery materials for 9 May in kindergarten:

  • Colour paper sheet;
  • Bilateral scotch or PWA glue;
  • Iris in the colour of paper;
  • 2p;
  • Child scissors;
  • Line;
  • parachute.

On the note, before you do the deal, you'll start a little game, the Army profession. You're puzzling the word - the kids are guessing the profession. Tank is a tanker, a border guard, a plane is a flyer, and it's smooth to approach parachutists.

Step one. Couple

Take a sheet A4 and cut the square 20*20m. (Figure 1), bipolate it to the square again (Figure 2, 3).

By 9 May with his hands: photos in kindergarten

Now we're putting a square on diagonals three times (Figure 4, 5, 6).

Children ' s beds by 9 May

Describe the seat of the outer edge of a smooth line and an inner angle of 0, 5-10 mm. (Figure 7) Cutting, twisting, getting a circle. Don't throw it out of the center, we'll need it. Invite children to count the number of flexibilities in the future and to mark the pencil 1, 8, 16, 24 and 32 (Figure 8).

Бумажный парашютист: поделка на 9 мая своими руками в детском садуLet's see, the pencil is scattered from the inside of the bending area. The children will be so relieved to make a garmoche (figure 9).

Doing business by 9 May in a kindergarten, don't forget to talk about the Great Patriotic War, why veterans need to be remembered and respected.

Step two. Garmos

I need the entire dome to be stiffed by the right garmo.

Put the dome down to the floor so that the flex number one begins, the curvature number 16 ends half (figure 10). It's better to start turning off the swivel No. 8 - it's gonna be the top, so the flexes No. 7 and No. 9 will be down, putting half the dome in the harmosh with the barrel (Figure 11). Repeat the same with the second half, it's supposed to be like Figure 12.

Important: If the bending is the top, 24 shall be lower.

Step three. Crops

Take the strings and 30 centimeter line (Figure 13), swap around line 8, 5 circles, which would be 17 cuts (Figure 14). On the one hand, secure the clip and the knot and cut the other side (figure 15). There'll be a tail on a 17-string pan, same length (30 cm plus minus 2 centimeters).

Бумажный парашютист: поделка на 9 мая своими руками в детском саду

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