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Crafts For The Garden / September 15, 2023

30 блестящих идей, сделанных из старых компакт-дисков диск, своими руками, сделай самCompact discs are excellent material for the creation of beautiful and useful products. And if you have a lot of them, get involved in the creative process. I represent the work that will cheer up the imagination and help to come up with a new, irrepetitive idea.

Shining collar on the blouse

Dragon Bear with your hands.

Non-conventional tree jewelry

House jewelry

An unusual lamp can be made from a stack of old discs

Colour peas

Mosaic door

The most diverse lights

Extravagant decoration can be made of disc pieces

Also from the old discs, it's gonna be a great yula.

Photo framework

A owl from a computer disk.

Photo album

In this example, each page of the album is painted not only by photographs but also by phrases of songs, quotation and thoughts.

Steel decorative composition for the walls

Disco-shar from DS

Exhibitions for old CD-ROM cups

The simplest way to use old discs is to make them a cup. The disk can be left in a peppermint form and can be decorated at its discretion, for example, painted acryl paints and glued with a sketch and then covered with a paw.

Boxes under cups

Search storage equipment

You got a lot of earrings and they all mixed up in a box? Then this idea for you-- every earring can be carefully placed in its place on such a jewelry box.

Another option for home jewelry

Cool clock

A decorative mosaic can paint any boring room.



In addition to the creation of damp decorations for the house, it is possible to use disks to create gardens like photos. It's true that the basis can be made from wood or paper, and the discs can be stolen.

Volume figures from CDs

The Australian Master Sean Avery (Sean E Avery) has figured out how to get rid of old unnecessary laser disks. He showed that the CD footprints were not so carefully stored on the shelves, because they might still be useful, and they could not once be glued into a rainbow, just in another way. Sean breaks the discs to small pieces and then draws the puzzles of animals.

Source: fishki.net