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Crafts For The Garden / July 27, 2023

International Women ' s Day is always associated with flowers. That's why me and the kids in the kindergarten are doing the maths on 8 March. Today, I'm giving you three craftsmen how to make lights. with your hands. with preschool children.

Mamma kindergarten: flowers from coffinumagi

In this master class, we're doing the simplest child's deal, a flower from the coffumags. He won't have a hard time with his hands, even a 3-4-year-old kid, having a surprise for his mother.

Necessary materials

  • Scissors and liners;
  • toothpicks (6 cm);
  • Scotch;
  • blue and pink leaf of gofried paper.

Children ' s garden by 8 March for grandmas: tulips from coffumagic

These deals are for children aged between 4 and 6. Tulips are produced in an unusually alive manner at the expense of the edges of petals treated in a special way. I'm sure the paper bouquet will be standing on a grandma's dress for a long time.

  • black paper for the middle of the flower;
  • pink casket;
  • Green paper;
  • Scissors;
  • fire matches or wooden sticks;


  1. Cut 6 pink paper cuts of 4 cm X 9 cm. Don't forget to make a length along the fiber.
  2. Put the petals on the stick around the circle, put the scotch on.

Mailings on 8 March in kindergarten: flower garlic from coffinumags for class

It's not a big deal. It's good for a class celebration. Practice shows that she's very fond of making boys.Чтобы лепесток получился симметричным, мы складываем заготовку вдоль пополам и срезаем уголок, так чтобы край стал овальным. You can secretly get the girls to go with the boys and steal her room. It'll be a great surprise for the women's half of the group in the kindergarten.

  • Several rolls of multi-coloured coffobumags: green, pink and blue;
  • fat brown thread;
  • Linear.
  1. We cut the coffinomagu with the same stripes, 6 cm in length and 2, 5 cm in width. We're making 40 stripes for 2 meters of garland.

    Attention! The digitized paper has the properties of stretching along the fiber and being well developed. It is therefore necessary to cut the strips along the paper so that the beautiful bows can come out.

  2. When all the stripes are cut, it's necessary to stretch the stripes so they'll look like a bat.

Чтобы сделать своими руками цветок на 8 марта, нам понадобятся 5 бумажных лепестков одного цвета: либо розового, либо синего. Нарезаем заготовки для лепестков — 5 см шириной и 10 см длиной. Готовим сердцевину нашего цветка маме на 8 марта. Бумагу для сердцевины нужно брать контрастного цвета: если цветок у вас синий, то сердцевина будет розовой. Обматываем кончик зубочистки несколькими слоями и закрепляем скотчем (смотри фото). Соединяем все лепестки вокруг одной зубочистки. Плотно фиксируем их скотчем. Вот и готова наша поделка маме на 8 марта для детского сада.

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