простые поделки из пластиковых бутылок своими руками для детей - В

Simple Plastic Buns

Bottle Crafts / March 3, 2023

Поросенок из пластиковой бутылкиDo you know that plastic bottles that we face almost daily are one of the accessible and durable handicrafts materials. These bottles are diverse in shape, by colour, by volume, by magnitude, which, in turn, gives practically unlimited space for fantasy and child creativity. Normal plastic bottles can be made both simple deals and complex ones that can easily become a decoration of the interior or precipitation. Plastic bottles can be manufactured anywhere and at any time of the year, thereby inhaling them for a second life. So don't rush to get rid of this invaluable creativity material! I'll tell you how to make fun people grow up. with your hands.using plastic bottles. They can be used as a cough for domestic flowers, or as a vegetation vase vegetation vegetation vegetation vegetation, or simply as an element of the decor of your garden, a flower bloom or a landing site. Even a child can handle this mission without difficulty, so you can get involved with the work of the children! So, let's start...

We will need to work:

1. 5 litres plastic bottle;
2. Plastic bottle 1, 5 litre;
3. Scissors;
4. A painted painter will grow;
5. Black or acrylic paints, cast;
6. Polon sponge for paint;
7. Plastic eye for a deal;
8. Clay Moment;
9. 1 white paper sheet A4.

A plastic bottle of 5 or 6 litres shall be used to make a large pigeon, and small-scale pigments may be made from plastic bottles of 1, 5-2 litre. Before we start work, we get rid of all the stickers on bottles, so we put them down for a while in the water pelvis, after which the stickers are very easily removed. We get rid of the pen on the bottle, we just cut it with the scissors.
Let's start making our pigeon ears. Cut a 1.5-litre bottle in three parts, as shown in the photo.

Only the middle part that is cut into two parts is left for work.

To make the ears get the same, I recommend that they be leathered. We're drawing a piece of paper on a piece of paper below the cushion, drawing a rectangle, wide. ♪ ♪

Source: chudesenka.ru