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Simple New Year's Hands

New Year / March 13, 2023

New Year 2017 cards for close people are the best thing to do manually, so any good gift will be supplemented by something mental and very personal. It doesn't take two days to sit around with complex schematics in your hands, but you just need to understand the little tricks on making Christmas cards. You're going to need a solid card, preferably colored, scissors, glue, colored tissue, buttons, ribbons, and other details of the discharge.

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New Year's cards with their hands.

New Year 2017 cards can be done with their hands pretty fast, but you just need to have a hendmeida technology. So, for example, with a clothing-cleaning valley, you have the opportunity to " navigate " a lot of beautiful new-day cards, as well as to steal the packaging. That's why you're gonna need a piece of poro that's gonna stick to the valley with glue and paint.

New Year Hands of the deal. It's quite simple. This new year's card can be made from a coloured paper and a normal watt. If that's not enough, you can draw your eyes and smile on the card.

Our gallery will tell you how to make a card for New Year 2017, showing other ideas that can easily be translated into domestic conditions.

Christmas cards with their hands.

The principle of creating Christmas cards is the same as the new one. The most important thing is to inspire practical ideas, some of which we will show you. The best example of the Christmas card is set out below. With scissors and colored cartons, you can cut a large figure.

And the nicest and warmest Christmas cards are made out of the fettt, so we recommend that this tissue be purchased in several colours. You can cut the inscription and the tree and put it on the cardboard.

Other versions of the Christmas card you made with your hands, looking in the gallery.

How to make a New Year and Christmas card: video clues.

New Year's cards.

A front door card with a beautiful Christmas vein is all possible to do it after watching the video.

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