Как сделать новогоднюю поделку своими

How to make the New Year's Hands

New Year / November 12, 2023

Творим с детьмиA book for those who love a more substantive or even more systematic approach to the case. Some 150 pages are devoted to the preparation, from the planning and collection of artistic materials to practical councils, of how to make a home-grown protective fairway and to the construction of a whole range of artwork for children. And in general, what creative education is and what it takes.

In the second section, lessons learned from the production of materials (paints, stamps, masses for pep) in the home, imagination, quiet rest sessions, group plays.

Each session contains a list of materials recommended by age, instructions and implementation options. It should be borne in mind that there are separate classes for children of 18 months, but most are for children of three years and about eight years.

It's an incredibly saturated book not so much about artistic creativity, it's about the promotion of fantasy and even the skills of the capitalling, about the art of making and telling stories, and what kind of techniques and techniques can help in this case.

Elements for smodels are also present. The book is very accessible, and it just tells us how the story is built, how to enrich its history, develop its observance, give the will of fantasy and how to draw inspiration. And how to put your own history into practice, put a puppet play, literally put a story in a box, wash your own book, and so on, by word, in one way or another, join in a speech creativity.

Surely after this class, the kids won't have a problem with writing school essays, or how to say something exciting to others, and is that the foundation of the dentalling that is so demanded and popular now?

Most classes are for children of five years, or at least for those who speak confidently, and for those who already know how to read.

"Treat shop: 55 classrooms for small researchers."

Raquel Dorley. MIF publisher

It's a book about practice, how to give the child the starting conditions for the experiment and try it together, and then see what happens and where we're going to get a joint creativity.

A total of 55 craftsmen, who are offered free invitations to engage and experiment, and are all young researchers doing so, if not limited in their actions? It is proposed that their research resource be channelled into a productive base and that a field be provided for experiments, setting minimum conditions.

Source: kidsbookia.ru