Поделки из пластиковых бутылок своими руками, как сделать цветы из

Flowers from Plastic Buns

Bottle Crafts / January 27, 2023

Цветы из пластиковых бутылок: крупные ромашкиPlastic bottle deals: large Roma

Colours from plastic bottles are very complementary to real, live vegetation on the site. You don't have to make them real, on the contrary, it makes sense to make them much bigger, so they'll look more effective. You can make small flowers, but in this case, there must be a lot of them - whole chickens or cloams.

Plastic bottles

Fascinating rums from plastic bottles can be wrapped fast and simple. They won't even have to be painted if you use non-transparent plastic white bottles from dairy products. Flowers at height will be the height of the plastic bottle, which means you'll need some empty tanks.

In principle, rumbs can be made from a bottle of other colour, and then just paint acrylic paints with acrylic paint.

Plastic bottle Roma manufacturing phases

  1. One flower will need three plastic bottles.
  2. Cut the bottles about halfway across. The lower parts will be delayed. They won't be necessary for the delivery.
  3. Two top precincts cut off the throats.
  4. Cut the blinds without cutting through. Try to make the petals round the ends.
  5. On the upper part of a plastic bottle with a necklace, wear two upper parts without a throat. There's a lot of lapsties, three layers. By the way, the better the flowers from plastic bottles, the better they look.
  6. Take off the blinds up, forming a beautiful flower.
  7. It's a bit of a deal to make a lid up, it's gonna be the middle of a flower. A " natural " yellow line may be used using a box of " kernel surprise " or other hand-held material of suitable colour. The truth is, in this case, it's gonna have to be fixed: it's easier to do it with a wire.
  8. Put the rum head on top of the stalk. It could be a iron bar, stripped, spiraled from a green bottle. If it's a little warmed up on fire, the plastic will start swimming, and it's good to get caught with the pistol.

The colors of plastic bottles are simple and original gifts that you can do with your hands, without touching a copy of the material. You can make flowers from plastic bottles of different species. But before you're done with the style, because if there's a lot of different colors on one site, it'll be a sandtro, not a beauty. If you " drop " many single colours, such as rumishes, you'll be able to make a rumble lie that won't be seen.

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