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New Plastic Bouts

Bottle Crafts / April 28, 2023

If every man, instead of throwing a plastic bottle, keeps it, and then does something beautiful and useful, we'll all be more comfortable. Our little, in fact, planet Earth will be less confusing, the forests will be cleaner, and the positive emotions of people are bigger.

Available, beautiful source material, plastic bottles give practically unlimited space for fantasy and foreplay for any taste, any complexity and direction.

Our group has gathered all kinds of skill and lessons on the manufacture of beautiful, useful or unusual plastic bottles.


If every man, instead of throwing a plastic bottle, keeps it, and then does something beautiful and useful, we'll all be more comfortable. Our little, in fact, planet Earth will be less confusing, the forests will be cleaner, and the positive emotions of people are bigger.
Our group has gathered all kinds of skills and lessons on the manufacture of beautiful, unusual plastic bottles.

In the band and in the photo albums, you will find a lot of materials and lessons to create beautiful, funny and useful things that can be done by your own. plastic bottles

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