Декор и поделки из крышек от бутылок

Pivot Bouts

Bottle Crafts / November 14, 2023

The word " deals " is perceived as something insignificant: so, balls. Skepticalism is increasing if they use the drip material. Divorce this myth. You can make really great things for the garden. They can really be the real jewel of your precinct. Especially if you use all your creative potential and some advice.

Many products are better stored in hard banks. Here's the industry that made it. Removing this packaging is still lame, and banks are getting dignified.

кормушки для птиц из банокLiving is a great deal. She cuts perfectly with simple tools, rots, sneaks around. There's no problem connecting the details. Therefore, the master could not pass this finding and devise many ways of reusing the packaging.

Methods of use of rigid cans

кашпо из жестяных банокLandscape design uses bunks in two directions:

  • Production of an exterior decor (sea sculpture and arts of garden);
  • Construction of practical items ( fences, garden furniture and buildings).

It is not always possible to distinguish them clearly: decorative things may be utilitarian, and functionality is aesthetic. With regard to the material, a variety of canned banks and beer banks are popular among the masters. They are made of different thickness and have some differences in use.

фонари из жестяных банокWhat can be done from a tough cannon?

The metal packagings contain tea, coffee, flour, cookies, canned and liquid. There are several general rules in dealing with this material:

  • Work needs to be done in gloves (the sharp edges can damage hands);
  • Only clean banks can be used (don't forget to wash the material and remove the labels).

If you've got a certain number of canons, you can start making a decor.

Sada decorative cough

It's the most common and beloved way of using a rigid packaging. It's better to take the sizes of the tanks. Well, if you find the restaurants.

кормушки из жестяных банок дровосек из банок занавеска из банок цветы из пивных бутылок

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