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DIY bottle crafts

Bottle Crafts / January 31, 2023

Видео мастер-класс: Кошелек из тетрапакета от молокаIt's unbelievable, but it's not hard to do, the idea of a tetrapac of milk or juice!

I'm suggesting to your attention a mini-mk (and more precisely explaining) how to make a dryer for the blades and leaves.

I had a long-standing question about optimizing the working space. I'm a disorganized man, starting to blind the flowers, laying down the pillows for the dryings all over the work table, and I'll put myself where! That's what the idea of a floorboard was. Maybe it wasn't new for someone, but it was just an orange for me.

Today I want to share with you another idea of using plastic bottles. That's the original necklace. with your hands. using minimum materials.

Мастер-класс: Сушилки для лепестков и листьев из пластиковых ложек

At the master class today, I'm offering you my version of the exhibition boxes, the rings, the suspensions, etc.

I'm bringing to your attention a classroom in which I'll tell you something to make interesting braces from gins and plastic bottles. There's a very stylish and interesting buoyery that's made of manual materials.

In my video master class, you'll find out how to make a fall bracelet from plastic bottles, chains and beads. The best way to work is the colored champoo bottles. The bracelet can be supplemented by various decorative elements, such as rations or suspensions.

Guess what these animals are made of?

A little fantasy and handicrafts, and you can make a beautiful flower, which will be decorations in the day or in the countryside.

I'd like to show you my plastic bottle fool. I saw him on the Internet and I just fell in love! And I did it! How do you know from this master class?

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