Зимние поделки | Зимние поделки своими руками


New Year / October 28, 2023

The chief fabulous character without which a new year is impossible. How to make Deda Moroza's figure underneath the tree, steal their windows and make a penny on the wall - pedagogues share ideas and tell their experiences. Deda Moroza sculptures in various techs - papier-maché, modular origa, knitting, use of natural and plant materials. The ideas for child creativity are new year's deals, cards, applications, food toys with Deduci Moros. Everything to create a classic image of Deed Morose with his hands.

Grandpa Morose's got a shower job-- every house, every floor.

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All sections ми de Moroz and Sneguric with his hands. Business, templates, master class


Theater toy is one of the living and fun. With her help, the baby is developing. ♪ ♪

New Year's postcard master class in a middle group of colored paper and cotton. Snuggle.

Master-Class of the Master Snighs of Manned Snowflies: Productive. ♪ ♪

Concept of integrated communication and visual exercise Ded Moroz: 1.

Today is your attention, dear Maaamovians, I want to present our winter work. This is my school year. ♪

Disrespected colleagues, I recently offered a master a suit class for Snuggles. But to finish. ♪ ♪

GIRLS. To teach children to create a background through non-conventional mapping techniques, nabrac. To teach the kids to... ♪

Children are very fond of portraying the new year's fairy heroes, Deda Moroza and Snegurka. My offer to do it. ♪ ♪

We had a very interesting job with the kids before New Year, and we did this kind of grandpa Moroza! First we... ♪

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