Забавные поделки

Sweet Hands

Handhelds / April 2, 2023

Поделка декоративный шарThe pride of every gift is his garden and garden. Naturally grown cultures and flowers are very cheerful, so much effort is made! The precinct could be even more original if it was stolen by special deals. The gardens and gardens are practical or decorational with their hands, but the main thing is that they contain parts of the soul. For example, a useful and pretty piece for a garden can be done with boards, nails and hammers. We need to put five wooden planks vertically away from each other, and then put the boards horizontally. It's the end of the day. Put him in the land where the cucumbers are planted. They're gonna fly the fence, and the owners are gonna make it easy to harvest.

Клумба из пластиковых бутылокDecoration ball for the section

Another interesting decoration for gardens and gardens is a decorative ball. We'll need a bunch of grass, wet, glue and foam. Travas and mos need to be cut short. The foam cuts the ball, with glue attached to it by mos and plants. It's finally getting a great grass ball. So that this post-seater business doesn't lose its attractiveness, it's better to take the Plan plants. Then the ball will last much longer.

The foam ball on the winter should be sent to the storage room, and it could be reused next summer.

Plastic bottles - material for garden jewelry

Красивые поделки для украшения сада и огорода своими рукамиPlastic bottles can be given a second life by creativity and skilled hands. Plastic bottle deals for the gardens are very original and simple. A fine functional decoration from plastic bottles will be a square bloom. We take a five-litre square plastic tank, cut the throat and cut the middle on one side. The cardboard will cut out the raids of the future shuttle, the length of which shall be higher than the bottle by 10 cm. We'll paint these cookies with paint. We put them all over the bottle. First vertical, then horizontal. Stomaching can be applied or labelled.

Be careful with the bottle deals! If children run by your garden, it's better to place the pieces in the depth of the clumb, so they can't reach them, the edges of the pieces can cause the children to cut.

Source: www.stroykat.com