для нового года своими руками все новинки

New Year Hands

Handhelds / April 17, 2023

празднование нового года с детьмиOur website has a section for those who want to make the New Year a real holiday for their children. It's called "All For New Year with Children." In this section, we publish articles and materials for the preparation and observance of new annual holidays to assist parents. Here you will find poems, riddles and stories about winter and New Year for children. Winter fun. New Year's entertainment: games, competitions, tricks, new year's scenarios. Recommendations on how to steal a new year's tree. And, of course, instructions for the manufacture of original tree toys and new yearly decorations with their hands.
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Deal to New Year with your hands.

поделки к новому годуNew Year's Eat.

We're asking you to go with the kid to make a large, new piece of paper. She'll serve as a magnificent decoration of the interior of the children's room for a new year's holiday.

You will need:

- tight green paper or cardboard
- Color pencils, markers, paints, glitters
- glue.
- scissors.
- Scotch.
- if you wish: coloured paper, glue, hole, stycerers.


1. Put down a sheet of green paper on the floor. Then cut it in the flex.

2. The two pieces that have been received will be put together, and then you'll be half again.

3. Draw a half of the tree across the flex.

4. Cut the line. You're supposed to have two totally identical eels.

поделки к новому году5. Watch out for every tree down half to set the center.

6. Make one tree cut from the top to the centre along the middle line, the other down to the centre along the middle line.

7. Put two eels together, put them in the cuts.

8. In order to be more resilient, glue the scotch with the upper and lower half of the tree.

8. Steal your tree with color markers, paints, blests. Using a hole, you can use a colored paper of tiny mugs and steal them. You can also cut a little star and put it on the top of the tree. To be safe, put the star on tape.

10. Note: If you want a more floating tree, use more paper sheets.

"Angel" deal.

Description: Turn the usual paper plate into a charming angel. Use a dress to steal a house by Christmas and a new year's holiday.

поделки к новому году поделки к новому году поделки к новому году поделки к новому году

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