Поделки игрушки новогодние не из бумаги

New Year's Toys

New Year / November 12, 2023

Deal with your hands for New Year. Beautiful bright stars are very easy. Even the smallest child can make them better, and you'll have to cut them off as long as it's small and you can trust him with scissors.

Make the same stars on the colored card or use our cooking. If there's a wish, steal them with a drawing, or trust this child's exercise. Cut the paper stars. Do every star on the cut, as shown in the picture. And connect them. It's all very simple, and how much of this exercise will make you happy. And how will he brag to the guests of the village jewelry that will be done with you?

Depending on the colour of the cardboard, you'll cut your stars, they'll get their identity and irrepetition. And for all the holidays, you and your home will enjoy their brightness.

Brush toys Doing the tree with the kids.

Flower paper is used for the new year. Elevated toys make out of pieces of paper that are polish. Options can be different: geometrics, fruits, and many others.

For one toy, six to eight logs shall be cut, the painted side inwards, glued, two halfs together, gradually adding the rest. Before the last one's glued into the middle, the threads shall be inserted to put a paper toy on the tree.

Sunshine is a paper toy.

For this new year's deed, they use paper, yellow. First, they cut a rectangular sheet of paper, they put it in half. One cm from the edge of the double side and one line. On the side of the flex, cuts are made between 5 and 10 mm. The last strip is cut completely. The uncut part is sliding inside and glued. The cooking's rolling around, gluing the deal and hanging on the thread. Here's our paper sun that can hang on the tree.

Fonariq on the tree with his hands.

To make a new year's flashlight, they take color paper. The start of a toy is just like the sun. A rectangular sheet of paper shall be set up in half and cuts in 5 to 10 mm.

Compare the sheets and make the flexes not cut to the outside. Then they make a piece of paper a little smaller and make it a cylinder. The cylinder can be made of a different colour. He's being labelled with cuts. They put a stripe of paper or a thread to hang the toy.

We make a new year's toy ourselves-- Volume star from colour paper

The star can be one-coloured or two-coloured, it depends on your fantasy and the presence of a colored, or maybe a packing paper. You need to cut two of these. Rewrite the schematic of the star without forgetting about the glue. The lateral lines indicate the bending areas, which will give the star a ready volume. Put some little and big stars together with the kid and steal them a tree, maybe a wall, or hang some stars to the bush.

New Year ' s Shariki Children

You're going to need to make this cute suspension:

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