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Arbuz Semék Semi Hands

Handhelds / December 24, 2023

Лошадка из арбузных семечек. Мастер-класс

Master class: Arboose horse. Production of a gift from watermelons

Appointment: Favorites from arable seed. Of course, everyone knows that next year is the year of horses, so I suggest you make an original gift. with your hands.♪ This picture can be presented as a gift.

Objective: To teach in simple ways, to put watermelons on a ready horse. To develop temper and fantasy.

Лошадка из арбузных семечек. Мастер-классMaster class: Arboose horse. Preparing garment seeds

Material for work:

- Plot card, scissors, PVA glue, watermelons, goose, kitty.

Steps in the manufacture of the Horseock

First of all, we'll choose the image of a horse who can paint, can immediately imagine who can't, can re-cop the picture of a horse.

Let's get the glue and the seeds. We need to smash the horse's contour, and we're going to start socking the watermelons.

We've got our contours.

They put a mushroom on our horse.

We begin to fill our horse inside, how the seeds are not chaotic, but can be downwards, we smash the surface and start to glue the seeds, step by step by step, filling all the lights.

Лошадка из арбузных семечек. Мастер-классWe've already got a horse ready, but to give her more emotion, we'll add some paint. We'll take the black goose and make a contours.

We'll have a mushroom next step. I painted it with all the colors of guashi. I made a blue background.

Anything missing? 2014.

We'll add a frame and here's our heroin, new year, ready.

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Comments (3)
A noble horse! It can't be different. Thank you for the creation and the idea.

Year of horse, my colleagues,
It's a very strong year.
There'll be a lot of happiness, laughs,
The problem is the opposite.

The horse gives us wisdom,
It's different for everyone,
Love is a dream,
Money is not a sin.

To horse year, colleagues,
You're out of the way.

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