Декоративные поделки для сада из колес и велосипеда

Decorations for Sad Semi Hands

Crafts For The Garden / April 19, 2023

Дорожки в садуAny grown-up has a little kid who wants new toys, jewelry, he likes to master his hands and make up things that have never happened. Children's fantasy doesn't know boundaries, there's nothing wrong with her. Over the years, we've learned to see a miracle in ordinary things, but the opportunity to show our fantasy and creativity is a garden or a long-distance site.

Sad decor

So that the area doesn't look like a regular garden, it needs to be stolen. Let's start with the garden tracks that, according to the feng shui, should be vicious, because evil spirits can only move straight. And we'll confuse them, we'll plug the roadblocks and scare the gardens on the corners.

Troops in the garden don't have to bridge the tile. You can just put them on concrete, and on top, until the concrete is cold, steal the gal, the pieces of the cafe, the fragments of the flower pots and the rest of the brick. All this wealth needs to be painted in bright colors and put in an arbitrary manner as you like. Bethon's cold. The road is ready. Bordures can be painted with flowers in the mountains buried to the middle of the earth. Even in the grey fall, the colorful paths will look bright and bright. It's the way to steal the brodures around the trees by placing flowers and leaves on them.

Бордюры вокруг дерева в саду

Speed trees play an interesting role in the garden decor. They serve beautiful flowers. It's very nice to have a combination of emerging plants that's gonna sprinkle a green waterfall with small flowers in the middle of the song.

Another simple decoration is a small prud around which animal figures for the garden are located. You need a normal tyre to create this watermelon. One of her ends is cut, and she's completely digging into the ground. Plot polyethylene needs to zip the tire with the edges of the hideout. Prud's ready, just put some water on the bottom and put a colorful gal. So you don't see the edges, close to the twirl, put the sliding plants, the decorative mos.Бордюр вокруг дерева украшенный цветами You can put in a pond of light that will make a drop of magic in your garden, and the various decorative shapes for the garden will create an atmosphere of fairy tale.

Now all kinds of figures can be bought very easily, but it's much more pleasant to make them with their hands. No one's gonna have that.

Gardens with your hands.

Real works of art can be made from a hips or a concrete. It's cheap material, which doesn't diminish his values.

Baton sculptures with their hands

For the preparation of concrete solution, one part of the portland cement and three parts of the sand are taken. The water is added in such a quantity that the solution becomes a consistant creativity. He must not leak, but be soft enough.

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