Поделки своими руками - поделки для детей своими руками: из бумаги

How to make your hands out of paper

Crafts From Paper / July 13, 2023

9 May is the reason to remember the price of our compatriots winning the Great Patriotic War and to welcome what we live today in peacetime. We honour the memory of those who died in this war, and on this day we thank those who are still with us, including through congratulations and gifts. We're suggesting that we take the victory by our hands to congratulate the veterans and join us in the great holiday. It could be personal gifts, postcards and just thematic decorations.

9 May with your hands.

The important tradition of Victory Day is the parade with the veterans and the flow of flowers to the Eternal Fire. You can join the family, congratulate the veterans and give them gifts and postcards that you did. Another option would be to bring the Winning Day to school, to a thematic lesson that veterans usually invite.

Quilling technology

We're gonna need:

  • Refrigerated rectangular carton (by size of pano);
  • Colour card;
  • Gofried card;
  • Quilling paper (or two-way colour sheets 0, 5 cm wide);
  • glue;
  • Scissors, linens and pencils;
  • a glue or a cool gun.


  1. From the red paper for the Quillings, we're making arrows for the gossip, six grand for each.
  2. We stick together on three shooters, then we put them on the other side of the road, we get nails.
  3. Green paper makes leaflets, turning the glazing.
  4. Two green stripes are glued together for the stem, leaving a flowing tip.
  5. There's a roll cut from the green paper (the base of the flower) and a nail attached to it.
  6. The colored paper makes a georgeous tape or a wide strip in the right colors.
  7. From the red paper, we cut and fold a large red star (necessary bending in the middle of the torso).
  8. The rectangular basis is to be glued with glophre.
  9. We put nails in the form of a bouquet, a georgian ribbon and a star.


It's a simple stalemate on Victory Day that the baby will be able to handle for six years. You can put the appendix on the wall or bring it to a ritual, kindergarten or school.

We'll need:

  • Colour paper;
  • paper;
  • Scissors;
  • Stepler;
  • pencil;
  • round-trip or circus.

Source: www.fruktoviysad.ru