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Mummy hands from paper

Crafts From Paper / Июнь 25, 2017

A lot of original deeds and postcards with their hands by 8 March for moms and grandmothers can be found in this section where peer educators share their ideas and demonstrate the results. Make sure, flowers, cards and other man-made souvenirs for moms can be very bright, original and diverse.

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This is the spring! A. The pearls have a beautiful Song poem, Spring all over their minds.

I'll introduce you to your class craftsman and photos of paper napkin hyacintes. ♪ ♪

We're gonna need two colors, green and yellow, a carton is small.

Spring, flowers, March 8th! Everyone's giving moms gifts, we're not buying flowers, we're making love. ♪ ♪

Project report: 1. Project title: " Mamma gazette " (childhood of early age with parents). 2.

You're going to need a cardboard, a colored cardboard, wool threads, athletic ribbon. ♪ ♪

Master class "Buket for Mom" author: teacher of HBDH No. 23, Mochallkin Natalia Nikolayevna Dan Master Class. ♪

It's nice for every mom to get a birthday gift made by her baby's hands! This year we came up with the kids... ♪

Every year, we have a question of "What gift to make our moms for the holiday" 8marth." The idea is... ♪

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