Поделка из бумаги, поделки из бумаги, поделки из бумаги своими

How to make a paper tulip

Crafts From Paper / July 27, 2023

Оригами. Тюльпан


Originals for children
A classic origami model is a tulip that has known the upper generation since school. Only then was the word " Origami " not as popular as now, and It was called a deal. It's just paper tulips or paper tulips.

It's quite simple. The model will be appropriate for children from 4 to 5.

The bloom sheet of the flower paper and the paper for the stalk.

How to make a flower.

  • Put the square sheet on the diagonal paper. Turn to the reference position.
  • Put the sheet down halfway across the horizon. Turn it around.
  • Throw the longitudinal bending inwards to get a triangle with warehouses inside.Схема оригами It's a basic model, a triangle.
  • Upper bottom corners to the top.
  • Turn the model and face down the same with another bottom corner.
  • Remove the right angle to get a rumb with a bending in the middle, turn the model over and repeat.
  • Make sure the edges and corners look up.
  • Put the right corner to the center, a little outside the center. Lock the left corner of the vulture so that it completely closes the right corner. Turn the figure over and repeat the procedure.
  • Put one corner in another. Repeat that step by turning the figure.
  • Find a hole underneath and blow a bouton.
  • Take care of the petals.

How to do the stalk

Put the stalk on the flip.

  • Turn the square leaf of the top angle.
  • Right and left corners up to the middle
  • Now, the lateral angles that have been acquired will be down to the middle of the scheme.
  • Upper side angles, back to the middle.
  • Put the figure down halfway across the horizon.
  • Now you've got to put the poles vertically.
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