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The deals from the Tree of Sad

Crafts For The Garden / August 6, 2023

How do you do that?

1. One of the main conditions is that I'm not.
Remember the wise saying you'll hurry, you'll laugh people. It's not right here. Ten times was a witness to people spending the last money on the seedlings who were not suitable for their plots, or worse, were only destined for the southern climate. The plants are gone, people are in despair. I see, beauty never showed up. They were buying something just like it again, they did it, and then they up, crying another failure. And in the end, it's often that very little money has been spent for nothing. And you can get out of here! Don't follow such an example!

2. One of the main boards is to put together a DISIN-PROECT PARTICIPATION OR PLAN. Let him not be perfect without expertise, but it's better than nothing! Think carefully about the desired plants. Read their characteristics, the good information now is sufficient.

3. The first time we've seen the so-called green skeleton of the precinct: Of course, we'll just take a seat. If possible, we shall place a separate piece of land under it, depending on the needs. An important clue: if you're not going to sell fruit, then a family of 4 to 5 people is well suited to such a set:
3 apples (ranny, medium, winter), 2 pears (year-old, winter), 2 plums, 2 cherries, 3 black sorodines, 1 red sops, 2 wings, upon the will of the Aiva Japanese, blind. In the southern regions, two peaches, two apricots, grapes should be added.
Some of this seems insufficient at first, and they buy a lot more than the seedlings, and then they often don't know where to go, and the shadows on the site are getting bigger. Then we're getting drunk. Here's another piece of economy. The number of plants is not estimated by naskid, but by reason. Also, buy seeds only in tested pets, and look at a reasonable price: the choice today is huge in almost all regions.

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