Поделки из гофрированной бумаги на 8 марта своими руками

Divorce from Gofried Paper on 8 March

Crafts For March 8 / January 27, 2023

Поделка гиацинт своими руками. Пошаговая инструкция с фотоFlowers for Mom by 8 March: hyacint by his hands. Two of the deals are hyacinth from paper napkins and gofried paper. The footage from the photo.

The hyacinth is one of the beautiful flowers that spread in the spring. They are raised on the streets and in the home. They're different varieties and flowers. Therefore, the various materials that portray these beautiful flowers are quite popular as a gift to the International Women ' s Day, which is celebrated on 8 March.

Kids are the best thing to do hyacintes with their hands from napkins or paper. In this article, I will show the two simplest ways of producing large-scale giacintes of these materials.

Paper napkin hyacinth

My oldest daughter made a hyacinth out of paper napkin at a baby make-up class when she was six years old. And then she showed me how she did it at home.

We've added leaves to this deal, put a flower in a yogurt pot, and the job has acquired a more complete view.Поделка гиацинт This technique is called screaming, so you can do different things.

Materials and tools

  • Green colour paper
  • a few identical paper napkins (defacts may be used in place of napkins)
  • pencil (colour not important)
  • scissors
  • Clay-Carandas (from the PVA glue, the napkins are quickly blured and vomited)
  • Little flower pot or yogurt glass
  • A piece of dark poron

Work phases

  1. Every napkin, unbreakable, cut into 9 equal squares (also as for the Heart of the Nards).
  2. Take one square, put a blunt end of the pencil on his middle, lift the fingers of the napkin edge and push them to the pencil.
  3. Push a few pieces of napkin close to each other on the edge of the tube to get the first row.
  4. To do so the number of rows that are required.
  5. Put the glue on the lower part of the sheets and stick it to the bottom pipe(s).

The slice of the right size can be cut off from the sponge to wash the dishes (inside with a rigid layer, this layer to be placed upstairs). If you don't have a poro, you can turn a piece of vath into a feast or flies. Plasticin is extremely undesirable for this, because the paper makes it fat, and the deal loses a beautiful view over time.

Поделка гиацинт Поделка гиацинт Разрезать лист зеленой бумаги пополам. Одну половину отложить, другую с помощью карандаша скатать в тонкую трубочку. Карандаш вынуть. На край бумаги нанести клей и склеить трубочку. Это будет цветочный стебель. Поделка гиацинт

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