для дачи своими руками из пластиковых бутылок


Bottle Crafts / April 28, 2023

You'll need to make dolls:

  • Two plastic bottles are needed for torso and head;
  • Clothings for puppet clothing;
  • Moment;
  • Colour skin fragments and plastics for mouth and eye, as plastic, we can take champoo flasks;
  • Art leather will be needed to make dolls;
  • For a torso compound with a head, a piece of linoleum of 10X10 cm will be required;
  • TV-colored, elastic.

For turtles:

  • Plastic bottle bottom;
  • 2 buttons and 2 beads (for pupils of turtles);
  • Stepler;
  • Scissors;
  • Color card.

For the manufacture of an aircraft:

  • Clean plastic bottle;
  • knife;
  • pencil;
  • cardboard.

To make dolls, cut the bottom of plastic bottles in the required proportions. We'll put a piece of linoleum in the tube, then we'll get it in the bottle's throat and we'll connect the head to the torso. The head for the future doll will be two layers of plague, rolling the bowl of the watt and putting it under that bowl. We'll put the nose in a cage for strength.

Then we'll pull a thread on top of the stock, and on the mama of the doll head, on the neck, on the bottom. From the buckle or the other material, make the hair and attach it to the head. Let's cut out the selected materials, face and face to head.

It's gonna be a doll carcass. Put the floor in the torso in the bottle. We'll cut the pieces from the skin that'll show the hands of the doll. We'll make some clothes for her that matches the design.

We'll make a plane for the boy. We'll paint wings and propeller on the cardboard. We'll have a pencil of a thorn bottle for the propeller, it'll be an internal diameter, and we'll put a circle around it.

If the propeller doesn't break up, we'll glue his scotch. Calculate the approximate wing width. At the wing anchorage, we'll stab the cuts on the left and right and put the wings in them, we'll put the propeller on the peller's throat, we'll squeeze carefully for the cutting so he can spin and close the lid. Let's not forget the center above the wings and cut the cockpit for the pilot.

For boys and girls, with your hands. A turtle from the bottom of a plastic bottle. Cutting the bottom from the plastic bottle, cutting off some knobs. Let's roll the bottom, put it on the table and get back to the leg.

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