Оптовая продажа новогодние поделки из бумаги для детей. Купить

New Year's Paper for Children

New Year / November 14, 2023

Child and adult swabs. Schools with footage

Of this unusual material, different souvenirs can be made and then painted. He's long and long, and he can be happy for years.

How to make a petal test

From the test, it turns out you can not only cook the cakes and cakes, but also make great paintings, toys, and a lot of other things.

Winter stuff at school with his hands.

Winter paper, winter plastylin, drip and other materials.

Hands with kids in winter.

A deal on the theme: Zima. Schools with footage

Kindergarten class

Master - Side World Maquita Manufacturing Class

Appointment. The material is recommended to caregivers as a form of a group developing the environment. With the introduction of new federal State requirements (FGT) to the structure of the basic general pre-school education programme, the creation of the substantive and developmental environment of the DPKO has now become particularly relevant.

Buying for starters. Box and description

Painting. The plate with its hands. Master Class

Appointment: The plate may be the subject of an interior jewellery gift for any holiday.

Auditoria: pedagogical, parents, pupils of grade 4.

Objective: To introduce the decoupling technique and the main techniques of this technique.

The decoupage (French decoupage, what has been cut) is a technique of jewelry, applifiation, decoration with cut paper motives. Chinese peasants in XII have become so decorated. ♪ ♪

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