Изделия из соломы своими руками

Straw hats deals by your hands

Handhelds / January 30, 2023

Панно из соломы Нарциссы. Мастер-классMaster class. The autumn deals with their hands.

Author of the project: Sidorov Nadezh Ivanovna, primary school teacher of ICOO Bobrovsky, CISS Serafimovic district of Volgograd

Master class. Magic straw. Panno " Narcisse " (under the Mother ' s Day)

Панно из соломы Нарциссы. Мастер-классThe school is designed for pupils in grades 2-4 and above, teachers and parents.

Appointment: Creation of gifts, participation in tendering, interior of the room.


It's fair and rich in nature. What diverse feelings fill us in when we meet her! At any time of the year, she opens her admirables differently, giving me a simplicity of fantasy and creativity, reinforcing the gentle and good feelings of man.

Natural material is in itself a warehouse for fantasy and imagination. And if he's tied up with a hand trap, everything can be revived to give a second life. Fantasia will lead us to an amazing country where one of the most beautiful feelings is the joy of building, creativity.

Work with natural material has great potential to bring about convergence with the natural environment, to foster care and to develop the first skills.

The production of natural material products is petty, exciting and very pleasant.

Панно из соломы Нарциссы. Мастер-классSpring is silk grass;

The summer is no golden,

Well, in winter, I'll sing

Appliation is a game.

Dry punk, her name is...

It's all in handy hands! Solomka's dry stalks is great material for work. The fabric is very attractive, beautiful. They give a big simplicity to the creative development of children. It's been used by the people to make light, lasting things. The straws make hats, baskets and bags, carpets, furniture, household objects, toys. You can do straw and flat jewelry on boxes, boxes.

Панно из соломы Нарциссы. Мастер-классIt's nice to work with a straw: it's gold, smooth, flexible, smelly.

Objective: To present the possibilities of strawberries in the fabrication of the plots and to transmit the beauty of nature through the creation of the wall pano using the straw.


1. I'll introduce you to the straw penny.

2. To develop fantasy, horizon, imagination and imagination, creativity and aesthetic taste in penny design.

3. Reinvigorate scrupulousness, conservation and care of nature, labour in handling natural materials

The main idea is the use of natural materials to create beauty around itself, the ability to convey the beauty of nature through the creation of a wallpaper from the straw, and to give people joy and good mood.

Based on work It is the creation of a pano and its reality as a result of creativity, the search for a new, original.

Панно из соломы Нарциссы. Мастер-класс Панно из соломы Нарциссы. Мастер-класс Панно из соломы Нарциссы. Мастер-класс Панно из соломы Нарциссы. Мастер-класс

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