Поделки к Новому году 2017 своими руками - 20 фото идей

New Year's Handing by Your Hands

New Year / June 13, 2023

Снежный шар своими руками.Like one famous song... "The new year is coming to us. ♪ ♪♪ Yeah, New Year's holidays are getting closer and closer, and the time to prepare for them is less and less. And how to spend this time with good use and prepare for a new year with a little humor, you'll find out from this article.

I'm not going to load you with all the stitches of a biser tree and paper snowflakes, all you know, and we'll pick something more original and creative.

New Year with your hands.

I guess each of you saw a souvenir like that. "Snow New Year's Eve"but not everyone knows how it works. Now we're going to spark the girl from the manual. So what do we need?

Диско-шар из дисков своими руками.Bank with sealed lid
Water glue
Nice toy.
Mishura for snow

We laugh the water and glycerin, so the snowflakes are going to fall smoothly, not fall like a saucer on the head, put the necessary pieces on the lid and seal the bank. Voila is a new year's toy ready.

Диско шар своими руками.And how many interesting things can be made of unnecessary CDs. ♪ ♪

For example, disco-share from a CD can be made with your hands.

Or a mini version of the disco brother.

A rotating disco-share can also be added by adding a mechanism from the old hours.

Golden disc fish is also very easy to do with their hands.

Different snowflies, backbones, and retrievals can also be made from old disks.

You can make the New Year's Eve in five minutes.

There must be old bulbs in every house that eat a lot of electricity and they love to burn in the most inappropriate momen.

So with the paint and the pussy, you can turn the Ilić leap into funny snowflies or other animals or birds.

Similar transactions are also easy to make from plastic bottles, which, after holidays, bring a decent number.

Вращающийся диско-шар своими руками. Золотая рыбка своими руками Поделки из старых дисков своими руками. Новогодний венок из прищепок.

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