Как называются поделки из бумаги и ткани

Whats the name of the paper deals

Crafts From Paper / January 29, 2023

Quilling's name is a special kind of manoeuvre, because it is based on thin paper strips that are spiraled and slightly weakened. In doing so, they create different figures that can become bouquets, boxes, sculptures, pictures and a wide variety of composites (see Quilling Foto below). Such " productions " by their vigour and beauty can be boldly described as real works of art.

Long ago, Kwilling was used by nuns in France and Italy. How do we make deals and composions? A lot of paper they cut right out of the books. Later in Europe, Quilling was popular among the titled ladies. It was jewellery for household items (mebelles, wallets, etc.) and was successfully used to create interiors (in paintings, frames). It was also merged with other techs, such as the drying.

Technician Quilling is a simplicity, so everyone who wants it can learn. It also makes it possible to attach its fantasy and patience, and, by buying a minimum of tools and materials, to steal its own house with original additions to the interface, designer bars of its own manufacture and unrepetitively sweets. Such articles are not only a pleasant time, but also an opportunity to make an exclusive gift to friends and loved ones (see Quilling Foto below). Nowadays, Quilling is one of the most demanded areas of application.
How do we do the deals, scrubbing paper strips? The creation of paper-based filigers is possible through manual means, but better use is made of a special Quilling kit that includes not only paper, but also ideally suitable tools for this exercise. A suitable set is likely to be found in one of the stores that sells all the business needs.
What do you need to get to start building the elements of Quilling? I'll need some stripes. of coloured paper♪ Besides, you don't have to do this without a paper spiral tool. It is also possible to purchase a trafarite to form the same spiral of different regions. To create the necessary shape elements of the Quilling would require a pin and a probe. Maintain small parts and wear adhesively small pinks, with glue to be chosen that leaves no visible trace after drying. A textur paper, a topical design paper for the scapbooking, a coloured photocarton or a suitable tent card can be purchased to accommodate the composite. Quilling is a great tech for the artistic start of any person!
Quilling Foto. Dragon
Quilling Foto Possolnuha
Quilling Foto Ryabin
Quilling Foto Ossen
Quilling Foto Cruise
Quilling Foto Pavlin
Quilling Foto Romashki
Quilling Foto Shkatulki
Quilling Foto Birds
Quilling Foto Animal
Quilling Foto Vaza
How to do original paper stripes

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