Шаблоны поделка из полосок бумаги - Разные поделки

Strip of paper

Crafts From Paper / January 30, 2023

Quilling - It's the art of naming and forming a piece of paper from narrow strips. It's a pretty old type of art. In the age of revival, monks used paper residues with gold to steal cults as an alternative to expensive gold jewels. Later, in the sixteenth century, Quilling was popular in England, stealing furniture, and then lights, trays, and just using deeds as a house jewelry.

Nowadays, Quilling's technique is practically different from the medieval. However, some amateurs create completely unimaginable deeds in 3D format, and some decorate the walls of museum and other facilities.

Quilling only requires strips of thin paper, glue and instrument by which this paper will be wrapped.

For children, Quilling stimulates several important qualities -- Patience, absorption and development of small-scale finger motors♪ Given that this class is quite fascinating and interesting, the creative circle of Quilling is perfect after an active rest.

Source: www.dvizhokcamp.com