Урок 4 класс поделки из бумаги и картона - Поделки из бумаги 4

Paper 4 Class

Crafts From Paper / April 26, 2023

Paper for children in the middle-aged group of children in Lebedi. Master class with postage photos

Programme objectives:
1. To call the kids to do their hand-delivery from a colored paper.
2. Develop cutting and gluing skills.
3. Continue to develop a small hand motor.
4. Build hardness, careful performance.
Description: The deal is designed to discharge the natural angle, may be in a mini-city on the window or may be used as a gift. This material will be useful to senior group educators, parents.
We'll need to work:
Colour paper, scissors, blue and white card, glue, white paper.
1. We take a blue card with a tetrad leaf and round the edges.
2. Now we need to cut a strip out of an album sheet of 4 cm wide, 28 cm long. It's gonna be the torso of our swan, and since we want to make two swans, we need two stripes.
3. The edge of the stripes glue. That's the circle.
4. Now, from the album sheet, we need to cut a strip of 9 cm wide. 20 cm long.
5. That's two lanes. The edge of the stripes is glued, the tubes are produced, it'll be the neck of the swan.
6. The white paper cuts two triangles with an edge of about 6 cm. Two triangle edges cut small strips like they're pawns.
7. We put these triangles on the torso strips, we got tails.
8. The neck tubes are attached to the torso opposite the tail.
9. We're going to make a head. To this end, we cut two circles in diameter 5cm.
10. From both sides, we draw our eyes with a blue pencil. Covering small triangles with a red pencil. There's a small incision in the necks.
11. Our swans go to the blue lake, slightly glue their scotch for sustainability. On the edge of the lake we glue green grass, the edge of which can be cut in small and a little twisted.
12. It's a sort of deal you can steal a small garden in a kindergarten.

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