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Flowers from the Colored Paper on Theme Autumn

Crafts From Paper / May 3, 2023

Поделки из листьевHow the process of establishing:

  1. The tape sheet will be down half to get the glacial side out.
  2. Start squeezing the side material to get a tight tube.
  3. Take a new leaflet, repeat p.1. Then turn the tube from p.2.
  4. Use more material if you want to get booted.
  5. The base shall be fixed with a thread, so carefully consider the bottom of each pink.
  6. Put the flowers in the bouquet.

Красивая поделка из кленовых листьевDecoration vein

Another way to make a unique deal is to whip a decorative vein with a fall leave. Put him on the front door of the apartment or private house. So you'll get a beautiful jewel that reminds me of the coming of a wonderful burial. It'll be happy to see the eyes of everyone who comes to visit you. Further study a detailed skilled skill to create a decorative vein.

Венок из осенних листьев и ветокComplex:

  • branches of any handicraft, tree or vineyard;
  • Dry leaves of yellow and red colour;
  • Calina in small storms;
  • Physical;
  • glue gun;
  • Scissors;
  • rabies (short and solid thread);
  • Gold threads;
  • Little artificial birds.

Delivery algorithm:

  1. With the fountained branches, make an oval or round vein. Close the design with rabies in several places.
  2. Smash the vein with a gold thread.
  3. By glue, attach leaves arbitrarily to branches.
  4. Put the berries on the vein.
  5. Put the physical on.
  6. Don't forget to attach birds with thread or glue. The deal's ready.

Wood tree leafapping

The most uncomplicated method of tree leafing is different applisions. Prepared work is imagining and inspiring the creation of their own masterpiece. Put this on the wall, and she'll steal your interior. Create a whole series of applix paintings and decorate it. home♪ Below, you'll be familiar with the step-by-step creation of work as a sympathetic.


  • Berena and Iberian leaves (dual copies will also be useful);
  • Colour paper;
  • Tai branch;
  • paper;
  • Risk of dried rag;
  • A small branch of any tree;
  • Square Pva.

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