Декор и поделки из крышек от бутылок

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Bottle Crafts / June 23, 2023

Скрепи их между собой, формируя соцветие в виде ромашки, соедини с веткой и «посади» цветок на клумбу, под деревом или вдоль дорожки. Для красоты можно разрисовать акриловыми красками.Beer, milk, soda, mineral or gas-free water, all of them we see. metal and plastic covers - The sea is dead! They seem to us to be useless and recycled with the bottle used.

Man's skill is unlimited! You can be surprised when you find out about all the countless possibilities of these, at first sight, totally unnecessary objects. I mean, if you turn on a fantasy, you can do very useful things in the economy and supercreatives. And sometimes you don't have to throw away what looks like garbage at first sight.

The Tac Just, has prepared 16 reasonable ways for you to reuse the lids of the old bottles. Looking at these ideas, I asked everyone I know to pick up the roofs for me.

  1. Colours
    Such flowers will become a yard or even an interior, regardless of the age of the year. You'll need 7 roofs, branches and water resistant glue.

    звуковой сигнал ветра

  2. Bell suspension
    Having assembled a collection of bells from bottles, you can create a paint bell that will create interesting melodies depending on the direction of the wind.
  3. Creative
    Nice way to decorate the tray. with your hands.♪ It will not only be a useful domestic product, but also an original gift to a beer and footballer.
  4. Pharmacy
    I've been particularly fond of this idea. I didn't expect to see that decision! Originally, functionally, and most importantly, it can give the working area of the rest of the style.
  5. Lighting record
    From white plastic samples, you can collect a lighter recorder, for example, for a veranda. The colors will fit for the garden table.
  6. Fresh
    These nice little candles add beauty to romantic dinner, wedding or coffee table.
  7. Decoration vein
    If you already have a grand collection of rooftops, you can pick them up in color and create a pretty accessory for the front door.
  8. Sears
    The earrings from the bottles will be a great addition to your jewelry collection, as well as an interesting gift for friends!

креативный декор подноса декор кухонного фартука плафон из бутылок декоративные свечки в крышечках

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