Новогодние поделки 2013 своими руками. Как сделать елку своими

New Years cards from paper

New Year / August 6, 2023

For many of us, white winter is a lovely time of the year, and the magic New Year is the most expected holiday. Imagine, outside the window of the cracked freeze, the roads are blank, the alleys are covered with spicy sogrobs, and the whole family gathered in the house heat and urine for a long weekend. And as soon as the decomposition starts with paper, cherry and other handwriting materials, parents can't stay away. Moms, dads, sisters and brothers are joining the manoeuvres rather than having unpleasant pleasure for themselves and for the kids. But even more desire to make things wake up in the moment when a beautiful tree comes into the house. The light and interesting New Year's deals, with their hands, gorgeously decorate the airstrips of the forest guest and complement the near-formed celebrity interface. New kindergartens 2017 may also be the subject of a school thematic competition or exhibition in kindergarten. Use our best phased craftsmanships to redesign your late leisure.

Lights with your hands. From New Year's paper to Kindergarten, master class with pony photos

Collective family activities are strikingly affected by the domestic atmosphere. And the creation of children ' s dresses for school and kindergarten with their hands in New Year's paper, and a popular tradition in many families. But with a seeming simplicity, the handmade is considered to be a rather petty job that requires a lot of time and effort. But what you won't sacrifice for a fascinating exercise. The creation of a new one-year deal connects the hearts of all family members into one whole. Especially when adults and babies get involved in the process. Children will not only receive a lot of pleasure from magical exercises, but they will also be able to brag about their work in the morning at the kindergarten.

We've prepared a light paper-grader with our hands for New Year's Kindergarten. You'll probably appreciate the merit of simplicity and the make-up product.

New-day paperwork for kindergarten

  • Bilateral paper with a bright print
  • Office knife
  • thin ribbon
  • Bilateral scotch or glue

Instruction on the light-duty master class for New Year in kindergarten

  1. Cut the rectangular sheet of 10 x 15 cm. If you don't get 1 cm to the edges, make a rectangle of parallel cuts with a 1 cm step.
  2. In every second lane, put on a thin atlas ribbon.
  3. Turn the sheet carefully into a pipe like that and tie the tape. In the end, you'll have a flashlight with two tiers, both internal and external. The edges of the tube will glue two-way scotch or glue, and the outer stripes will be swell.
  4. The remaining ends of the ribbon will extend through the inner part to one of the fountains and tie the hinge. Fonar's ready! You can boldly go to the kindergarten and hang on a big, good tree.

Source: www.allwomens.ru