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New Year ' s Hands from the Confette

New Year / January 31, 2023

сделать подарок из конфет своими рукамиA new year is coming to us on all the couples, which means it's time to think about new year's gifts for the most loved ones, loved ones, family and friends. We also need to take care of the idea of a gift for shamy kids. You can give anything you want (with reasonable limits, of course) on this wonderful day, any gift will be welcome.

And if you're with the main gifts, what about being with a nice soul and heart with little surprises that are so pleasant to give and receive a new year's night? This task will be accomplished. gifts from candy with your hands.♪ For New Year 2017, I want to give some of my warmth to all my friends, close and family.

Every night, I want to make a little happier. The small souvenirs made by your caring hands will give you a sincere smile and real, inappropriate emotions on the face of the gifted.

подарки из конфет своими руками фотоIt's not that hard to make such a gift, it's just that we need to follow the insignificant instructions that our website will be happy to share with you. You will also find some ideas of candy gifts more complicated. Such a presentation can be presented even to the boss.


Christmas Eve Candy for decommissioned

In order to create a sweet baby gift, you'll need:

  • Two stripe caramels in the form of a Christmas regiment;
  • Sana ' a candy and several (6-8) candy smaller, they simulate gifts;
  • A bright or brilliant ribbon;
  • Sanctuation bat;
  • Nice gun.

Step 1. It's easy to get a sanitary together: two caramel poshoes need to stick a bigger chocolate.

Step 2. On the big chocolate, gradually put other chocolate candy on the rise, without forgetting to tie them together with hot glue.

Step 3. The last thing you want to do is tie the saniline to the ribbon and stick it to the top bat. A little nice present is ready!

New Year's Topiary for Sweets

You'll need to create a topiracy:

  • a suitable pot for a candy tree;
  • Topiary rod (possible to be bought in specialized stores) or flat stick;
  • foam ball as well as foam foam to fill the pot;
  • White or gold ribbon;
  • glue gun;
  • Candys (the most commonly rounded golden candies, can also buy cans in a box and wrap each in the golden foil);
  • White atlas tissue;
  • Busy and other jewels as desired.

Step 1. The topiracy bleed should be carefully blured by a white atlas ribbon and placed on the glue in the middle of the mountain. It's gonna take a little bit of a white tissue.

Step 2. Put the penoplast ball on the bar and start gluing it with candy in the spinster in a way that doesn't leave nothing. It's best to start from the top, gradually moving to the bottom of the foam ball.

идеи подарков из конфет своими руками Подарки из конфет своими руками

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