Электронные поделки для авто своими руками

Electronic Hands

Handhelds / January 13, 2024

Электроника управляет поливом растений на огородеThe Electronic runs the stream of plants on the garden. An electronic CN101A timer with a weekly programming can be used to automate your plants. It is designed for 16A/ 220B, has 17 timelines for a week or a day in any combination.

Solar panel charge.

Smartphone charge from the wallet.

Зарядка для смартфона из солнечной панели2*3 wattt Self-propelled vigilator from the ready block(s) You can load the gadgets.

Hello! I have a periodic need to paint fishing bait, rations and other, not very healthy, work. Accordingly, there has been a need for an extract that I want to talk about!

An improvised stain is a smoke trap. I've decided to make a slack extract, the smoker, because I often sing, the thing is necessary.

We're building a smart greenhouse on Arduino Mega. Part 1. In a few parts, I'll tell you how I built a heater with a poultry, a sub-light and a vegetation.

Arduino's own mini lab. One of the fine days, I decided to make a mini-labour fee for small projects for Arduino.

Зарядка смартфона из бумажника Усилитель в корпусе от модема Вытяжка (вытяжной шкаф для покраски, пайки и других работ) своими руками Самодельная паяльная вытяжка - дымоуловитель

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