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Chlam Smy Hands

Handhelds / February 21, 2023

Съемник подшипников с якоря электродвигателя и генератораAn improvised device to remove the stitches, the stars, the chips and the ceilings planted on the floor.

Doing spinners. with your hands.♪ Spinner's a fancy, brandy alternative to Chotock. A very popular thing in England, and all over the world, thanks to the Internet. Nice toy - hand spinner - is a hand spinner, a handwriter, reduces stress.

An improvised cable cable machine made of polypropylene pipes.

  • Albor

Dinosaur skeleton made of polypropylene and metal plastic pipes.

  • kovboy

The original cycling log.

The keyboard. The burnt block of the keyboard will serve as the original memorial board.

Game bones from the keyboard. The burnt block of the keyboard is not being repaired, we decided to experiment and try to make something out of it with our hands, the first thing that came to the head is the playing bones.

Делаем спиннер своими руками Катушка под кабель из пластиковых труб Динозавр из пластиковых труб Брелок из велосипедной цепи

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