из бросового материала своими руками для детского сада пошагово

Broadcasting by their hands

Handhelds / December 4, 2023

Поделки из бросового материалаThere's a very large polygon for our fantasies. The most interesting thing is, you've got this stuff in your hands. Unlike other raw materials, you don't have to go to the sea for cancers, to the woods, to the stomachs and interesting crusts, to the field for the variety. In the case of a discharge material, you can find everything you need in your domestic solid waste or in the far dusty storage of the garage. It doesn't mean we're making you dig up in the trash. God forbid! We call on you to just not throw away objects that you might need.

Egg containers, shells, plastic and glass bottles, hard bags from underneath the kefier and laundry, yogurts and many others are excellent, and most importantly free-of-charge garment material. Another important factor in this situation is the possibility of the breadth of fantasy. Some kinds of deals, such as stomachs, have a fairly narrow framework: well, stomachs and stomachs. In our case, the diversity of materials gives great ground for fantasy, especially for children.

Episode transactions require that this material be properly prepared. All banners, bottles, probes, etc. must be cleaned and dried, and the egg shell should be free from the inner film. You should also prepare the glue, paper, and all you need to do is translate your fantasies.

The simplest version of the deal is the tiles. It's very simple to make them out of yogurt with two different colors. A more complex version of this deal is chess. To do that, you need to put a chess image on the roof.

If we don't have any plastic bottles under yogurt, we can make great flowers. It's just necessary to cut the bottom and cut the bottle with scissors. The width and form of the sheets depends on the type of flower you choose. The color of the bottle itself is also desirable. Blowers can be made from bush, and stalks and leaves from green paper, wire and green tissue.

Dumping materials are very well used in various large geometric forms. Carton boxes from underneath the kefier are ready housewives, garages or cubes. Depending on their purpose, windows, doors and gates may be cut. You can put people in such garages and homes, put up cars, even build dog booths with dogs. If you wish, you can make a whole block with houses and playgrounds. If you put a few bags on each other from a literal kefire, a multi-storey house is available, and a water tower can be made of a small iron can of child food.

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