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Hands to the Eighth Martha with his hands

Crafts For March 8 / January 28, 2023

Gifts by 8 March with your hands. IC

Gifts by 8 March with your hands. Master class. Ideas

The gift made by his hands is warm and very charming.

The idea of gifts by 8 March, which we offer is completely different, from postcards to penny, pictures.

Topiary of paper flowers with his hands

Master is a class for making a flower top with his hands.

Appointment: as a gift, an element of decor in the interior.

Objective: To develop a small hand motor. Fostering fantasy, estetic taste.


- To develop creativity;

- raise patience, carefulness.

The Master is a class for school and preschool teachers, parents and school-age children.

A multi-layered cardboard box with its hands. Machine class

Master class. A multi-layered scale.

Appointment: A multi-layered scale would be a great gift for any fashion party that likes to keep some nice little things in pretty boxes. The power of children in grades 5-6 requires careful and patience.

Photo 1

Objective: To introduce a multi-layered scale, to develop thinking, attention, creative fantasy; to raise aesthetic taste of negligence, absorption, patience.

A candy bouquet. Scale photos and description

Paper from With his hands♪ Master Class

Master class. Colours in vase

The Master Class is designed for preschools of seven years, junior schoolchildren, their parents and teachers.

Appointment: to process the interior.

Challenges: To learn to make flowers from chips and vase from plastic bottle. To develop. ♪ ♪

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