Фигуры из пластиковых бутылок - 7 способов украсить дачу

Plastic bottles of Palma

Bottle Crafts / October 5, 2023

Самые лучшие поделки из пластиковых бутылокPractically every day, we all face empty plastic containers. Most of us ruthlessly send them to the trash bucket without even knowing that they're plastic. With your hands You can make a great deal: original decorations for gardens, boxes, and fun toys and spears.
Such an eternal green palm is very easy to make, it will decorate your garden or your long-distance area in a year round, because the plastic product is well overwhelmed by different weather conditions and retains a beautiful appearance.

Plastic bottles for garden or dacha

Materials required:

  • bottles of brown colour of 1, 5 or 2 litre - 10-15 st.
  • Green bottles
  • solid long pistol or palm base stick
  • sharp knife or scissors
  • a drill or a stitch to connect the details.

The tank must be cleaned and dry before it starts. Once the material has been prepared, it will be possible to work on the manufacture of a beautiful garden by its hands.

  1. In order to make the barrel, it is necessary to cut the bottles of brown colour into two parts.
  2. Then, at the cut edge of each receptacle, we need to make dentals about 5-7 cm high and light them up a little bit, so it looks like a cheek palm barrel.
  3. In addition, each set-up has to be made with a drill or a stiff stitch in the diameter of the pouch which will justify the barrel. You can use not only the bottom of the bottle, but also the upper part of it, in which case the opening will not be necessary.
  4. Now we start making the crown, we cut a bottle of green in half. There's a bitter left on one half, and the other one will have to do a hole that matches the diameter.
  5. The edge shall be cut from two sides as shown in the photo, so leaves of the palm are derived from the plastic green bottle. Now that all preparations are finished, we can get to the assembly.
  6. First, we call a brown metal pouch and get a gun.
  7. Now we've got to put her green crown on the top of her palm. When you cut the green bottles, don't forget to leave the plug. It needs a hole in the diameter of the metal pimp, down on the back of the leaves, and the edge is to be pushed so they don't fall down.
вымыть и просушить разрезать бутылки коричневого цвета на две части. сделать зубчики сделать зубчики высотой приблизительно 5-7 см

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